Mini Portfolio

This page contains a few samples of the artwork that I’ve created over the past few years.

A logo from my old website,

I’ve worked for Compal, MItac, LiteOn and a few other Taiwan ODMs.




Formosabrau – demo idea for a new beer brand


Color Box Design

box design

Header Graphics




Banner Ads

Recent Websites

I’ve made over 300 websites since first getting online in late 1994. Now-a-days, I like to use WordPress or Zencart (ecom) to create sites.

laspring400.jpg – company website

Still a demo, I like the way the graphics came out on this one.

This is for a Boston area music group

Scouting Club – Hiking/Camping Blog. Lots of content on this site.

Version 1 of my Vintage Formosa Gallery

Version 2.0


My Vintage Formosa website received a nice write up in the Nov 2006 Apple Daily Newspaper and later in the Jan 2007 issue of the Taipei City Government’s Taipei Pictorial magazine. I made this just for fun and general interest because there are hardly any good Taiwan History sites online. The photos of me didn’t come out so good, it must have been the camera!



Demo for a wireless portal – I had this idea years ago…

Slogan for Taiwan  (+demo stamp design)

Peace with

Taiwan, peace with not piece of China

I wish Taiwan would use this slogan, I think its the perfect marketing slogan for TI. I’ve offered to donate it free, but no response from anyone in the DPP or GIO.


Newsapaper ad for a pub


Misc ads I made for a PDA manufacturer





For my friend Hank’s Kiteboarding business.

Hobby Site

tinwhistle blog

Because this is a freebie site, I had to use one of the templates provided. However, all of the graphics, content and images are created by me. It’s an intro site to playing the tinwhistle, a hobby of mine.

Branding + Manual

Pocket PC


A little known fact is that Microsoft was not the first company that used the name “Pocket PC” for their hand held devices. The first company that used this name was LiteOn for a device we made for Zeos, one of the big mail order companies in the early 90s. I worked as LiteOn’ s marketing manager at the time and created the model name “Pocket PC” for this device.

I also wrote the manual in a very early version of PageMaker and designed all the graphics in Corel Draw 1.0

Early Logos

I made these years ago and for some strange reason, I still have a copy. Creative Designs was my small graphic design company (Corel Draw, Pagemaker and Autocad days). I use to write a lot of computer manuals in the early years of the Taiwan PC industry for extra cash. And yeah, I know, the U-Lead logo looks like IBM OS/2. I don’t remember the details of why I made this.

early logos


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